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About Us

Panacer is a collection of seasoned healthcare information technology professionals that provide expert service to healthcare systems in the areas of clinical information systems (EMR/EHR, LIS, RIS, OIS) and Revenue Cycle solutions. Our firm’s roots trace back to Computer Solution Associates (“CSA”) over 25 years ago. CSA quickly developed expertise in the under-served healthcare industry and began to specialize in ambulatory and acute healthcare software solutions. Over time, our firm evolved names and structure into what it is today: Panacer.   

Over the years, our team has helped hundreds of small independent physician’s offices, medium-sized ambulatory surgery centers, laboratory companies, benefit payers, hospitals, healthcare systems and healthcare software firms. Our efforts have helped healthcare providers deliver safe and effective treatment with a predictable, reliable reimbursement. 

Why Choose Panacer?

Because our team makes Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) projects a lot like taking a test when you have the answer key.

There is no substitute for expert knowledge or experience. Many Healthcare Information Technology consulting firms will work hard for you. They may work day and night searching for answers, candidates, or solutions. Many times, after that exhaustive search, many firms will provide a result. We are different, much different.

We work smart and hard. Our professionals have been there and done that. We don’t have a team of empty suits that sell or recruit. We have the answers because we are the experts. By working with Panacer, you get the benefit of seasoned expertise with every resource you work with. It is like cutting out the middle man.

We are not going to say that we work miracles. But after working with us, we expect you to.  

What We Do

Cerner Request for Proposal
RFP & Analysis Needs
Avoid delays and change orders
The first critical step to a successful implementation is knowing what you need to be successful. Often, surprises along the implementation road cause detours that wreck both timelines and budgets.

Our consultants can perform a comprehensive analysis, identify needs and map those with the appropriate vendor offerings. That potential vendors provide apples-to-apples proposals, and when a vendor is selected, it ensures that project’s scope, resources, contract and timeline are correct from day one.
Cerner Implementation Team
EHR/EMR Implementation
We love to be held accountable
Our resources can lead your project to success, provide independent advice, conduct third-party project assessments.

Healthcare Business Innovation Group’s team has lead large multi-facility EHR and Revenue Cycle system replacements cover all departments: Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, Inpatient, Ambulatory, Emergency Department, Perioperative Services, Labor & Delivery, Oncology, Behavioral Health and virtual all others.

We know what it takes to be successful and bring a large volume of lessons learned to help steer your project in the right direction.
Cerner Testing
Testing & Validation
Work Smarter
The ultimate protection for patients and healthcare providers activating a new system is thorough validation and testing. A go-live event should not identify errors or result in surprise.

Healthcare Business Innovation Group has brought together a unique combination of strategy, processes and tools to substantially increase the amount of validation that occurs in Healthcare Information Technology Projects, while reducing the costs associated with testing.
Cerner Training
Training & Readiness
Get Ready and Get Set Before the Go
Ensuring that the end-user is well prepared for changes in their healthcare IT solution helps protect safety, efficiency, revenue and satisfaction. Our organization change management, workflow mapping, curriculum development, course plans, and total training delivery help ensure the end user is confident in and supportive of changes before go-live.
Cerner Revenue Cycle
Revenue Cycle
Because It Has To Be Right The First Time
A robust, timely and accurate revenue stream is of paramount importance to any healthcare provider as it is the primary tool that helps them fulfill their mission of providing care. Our healthcare finance experts are confident and competent in the entire Revenue Cycle Management arena. Our team is well versed in successfully implementing the components required to achieve a clinically driven revenue cycle that produces predictable, reliable, accurate, and compliant reimbursements.

Our resources have mastered Registration, Pre-Authorization, Scheduling, Charge Capture, Pricing, Billing, Denials Management, Revenue Recognition and more.
Cerner Expert Team
Expert Resources
The Real “A” Team
The best results come from the best experts. Healthcare Information technology projects place high demands on existing staff both in terms of time and knowledge: The most successful projects recruit expert resources to represent their best interests in the design, build and testing phases. This ensures solution quality and prevents redesign later, while helping internal teams increase their knowledge level.

Our consultants are strong in skillset and commitment.

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